Shooting Star Hydrangea?

iris_9(z9CA)January 22, 2010

I received this as a gift and it didn't come with a tag. I think it is "Shooting Star" and I'm wondering if it will do well ouside in a pot. How big should the pot be? I'm in a climate with hot dry summers so I think it will do best facing east, possibly north? ( click on image for larger view)

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Also goes by the names 'Fuji Waterfall' or 'Hanabi'.....I believe 'Fuji Waterfall' is the preferred name. This is a very popular florist's hydrangea selection - I bought mine at the grocery store :-) In mild climates, this can definitely be grown as a container plant. If yours is in a standard 6" pot, I'd likely plant up to a 5 gallon container (15-18" across, 12" or more deep). IME, this is not the hardiest hydrangea, so I might approach things differently in colder locations.

East or north should be good or under some sort of dappled shade cover. Pay attention to watering in summer - containers can (and actually should) dry out pretty quickly in dry, hot weather and you do not want the potting soil to dry our completely.

Since its been grown and kept indoors, first in a greenhouse, then with some retailer and now in your home, it needs to be kept indoors and very gradually weaned to being outdoors over a period of time. I'd enjoy it indoors while its in bloom and replant for an outdoor container later this spring. That will shorten the time it'll take to get acclimated outdoors.

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Thank you, gardengal, for your reassuring advice. I don't always have the best of luck with hydrangeas in the ground. That's why I think I'll try it in a pot at first and see in what location it is happiest. Our triple digit summers are defiinitely hard on hydrangeas!

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