How to kill pollen to yield mentor pollen

michael_in_chicago(z5)April 28, 2008

How does one kill pollen to that it can act as mentor pollen for wide crosses? I've heard of alcohol and irradiation. For the amateur, alcohol seems a good way to go, but which kind and how?

I'm envisioning sprinkling the pollen in ethyl alcohol (what %?), letting it dry, then using it. Am I close?

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I believe there are certain substances on or in pollen that function to make it useful/active to a pistil, and I would not desire to rinse any of those factors out by using liquid solvents. Therefore I would investigate the use of gaseous killing agents. Perhaps pure CO2 or nitrogen gas for a week would kill pollen, leaving all enzymes and sugars intact. You would want to use a control female plant to test for actual killed pollen, the desired result on this plant being no seed formed.

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That sounds reasonable. I'd read in various journals about the alcohol and freezing methods, just not how they work. Anyone else?

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did you have any luck?

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