light level for little honey hydrangea

ikea_gwJanuary 31, 2010

I ordered a little honey but am unsure of where to plant it. How much sun is best for this in the mid-atlantic region? Is it drought tolerant?

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Mine is located in an area that receives afternoon sun, from about 2PM until Sunset and seems quite happy there.
I also grow a number of other Hydrangeas in that area; three Oakleafs, two 'Harmony' & an 'Ellen Huff', macs: 'Endless Summer', 'Tricolor', 'Todi', 'Lemon Daddy' & 'Lemon Zest', serratas; 'Woodlanders', 'Fuji Waterfall', 'Miranda', 'Beni Gaku' and the hybrid; 'Preziosa'.

Frequent watering and mulching will be necessary until roots become established, usually for one, possibly two years. Be cautious though, Oakleafs do not tolerate soggy soil and need good drainage. After becoming established, they are quite drought tolerant, That I can vouch for, after two years of severe to exceptional drought and a total ban on outdoor watering for a period of six months, my Oakleafs never withered. Neither did the ES, for unknown reasons. All of the other macs & serratas in that area had to be watered, using collected & stored rainwater.

Hope you placed your order with a reputable vendor. I ordered three 'Little Honey' from WFF, when they were first introduced. What I received, in a huge carton, were three one gallon pots, filled with a soiless mix and each one was equipped with a four inch dead stick, that had no roots. A call to the company verified that their entire stock of 'Little Honey' had suffered the same fate, but no one bothered to ckeck them before shipping!

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