patrick51(5)November 13, 2009

David...I struck out trying to locate those hoyas that I simply "must have"...i.e., H. inflata and H. sp. flat stem....I tried 4 sellers in Thailand, 4 in the Philippines and everyone here that I could think of...zilch, zero, nada! Although, Chris Burton has a cutting of H. inflata with my name on be sent in the spring if it lives. She CAN be such a doll. I ended up ordering from Ted Green...with alot of apprehension. I find it odd that he wants payment before he'll put your name on his waiting list!! Anyways, please describe for me the method you used to root these cuttings. Apodagis told me that H. sp. flat stem is a very difficult plant to root and very slow to grow. This has me a bit concerned since I'm new at rooting and have only rooted the "easy" ones. Thanks for any advice!! Patrick

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Okie_Deb(6 OK. zip 737)

I'm not David but my name starts with a 'D' so does that count? haha.
I have been having great success with a product called Clonex. It's a dipping gel to promote root growth while keeping out fungal disease. It's been great for cuttings not to rot.
You can Google and find 15 ml. pouches for sale on the net to try it out. They run between 4.95-5.95 and a couple dollars to ship. In fact there are some pouches in Ebay now for sale. (No I'm not the seller nor affliated with them in any way.)
I'm about finished with my pouch and will be buying a bottle of it next.,,,,Debbie

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Thanks Debbie...I'll check that out. I know my question appears stupid, but I asked only because I was told by Apodagis that H. sp. flat stem was difficult to root...and he lives in Thailand!! Living here, where we have 9 months of winter and 3 months of construction, I thought I'd need some "expert" advice on this one. I ordered 5 cuttings from Dr. Green...and if I lost the others I would be disappointed...if I lost H. sp.flat stem, I'd be heart-sick. BTW, Ted Green has e-mailed me a few times...he's actually a VERY humorous man...he just cracks me up!! Again, thanks Debbie!! Fondly, Patrick

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Patrick, As far as stupid questions go...You certainly didn't ask any. If asking stupid questions was a no no on this forum I would have been kicked out a long time ago,lol...

Lucky for us...most everyone here(if not all)members are very nice and forthcoming with help and answers. Best of luck with your hunt for the elusive hoyas and eventually succesfully rooting them. Keep us posted!!

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Okie_Deb(6 OK. zip 737)

Yes I've heard from several that sp. flat stem is a booger bear to root. Gotta be some trick to it and in time maybe it will be figured out and shared with others. I've heard it can take months to root. Scary indeed! Especially with an expensive cutting which I'm sure you paid dearly for.
The Clonex would help against it rotting or catching a fungal disease and that's at least part of the battle handled.
Denise's gel cups is an idea and so would be my mention of water crystals hydrated with VF-11. There's always root cubes also. I also have good luck with spagnum moss dampened with VF-11 and wrapped around the cut end and then wrap the moss with saran wrap and put the cut in a terrarium.
Surely in time David will see this post and tell us how he rooted his.
Maybe send the cut to Mike and let him put it in his magic rooting chamber.
Ted is a blast! I met him at an orchid show and he invited me and my friend for pizza and a cappuccino. He is a very witty man! haha.,,,,Debbie

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Ted Green is, indeed, a funny man! And a helpful, generous fellow, too.
I'm sure that he will give good advice!


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Oh, Josh! Admit that you have just a bit of favoritism for Ted! I'd guess you've spent some time with my beloved HoyaMan! TeeHee! I've e-mailed back and forth with him many times and he is quite a funny, charming fellow. I'd never have guessed he's - what? - in his 70's, right? He's quite spry and witty, I must admit!

I wouldn't be trying to root anything that's referenced as "difficult to root" going into the winter months, Patrick. In fact, I don't root anything except the absolute easiest unless it's during the optimal months. It's the burden of living so far north. But it sounds like it will be spring before you get these? That should work...

Ted's cuttings are nice, but I will make one suggestion...I got a couple of cuttings from him last year that were large-leaved species, and they were obviously taken from a center cut. What I mean is, a cutting was taken, then MY cutting was taken. It was impossible to tell which end was the "down" end, so I had to guess. I guessed wrong with one and lost it. So in the future, I will ask Ted to mark the "down" end if it is not absolutely obvious which end it is, which is what I did when I ordered from David. He was happy to do so...

Denise in Omaha

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Thanks all!!'re just too funny!! It must be great having a grandfather that's so much fun. You're right, Denise...the cuttings won't be shipped until Spring. Also, Ted now attaches a label to each cutting with the arrow showing which side gets planted...though he believes in rooting both ends of the cutting, in tree bark. Thanks Debbie and Nancy!!

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

Interesting that he has a waiting list now! I asked about one several months ago and was told it was first come, first serve and that it would be several months.

Maybe I need to email him back!


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