Need a little help breeding brassicas that bolt late for Florida.

spez718(9b)May 11, 2013

First of all I am new to the hybridizing game. I got into it randomly thinking about what crosses of broccoli and kale would be like or so and so. Than I thought what if I can maybe breed a broccoli with a collard and get a heat tolerant late bolting variety of broccoli. What do you guys and gals think at all? Any input please. Thanks ahead of time seriously.

I came across this ultra cool and motivationaly inspiring "purple peacock" variety of a "green goliath" x "red russian kale" (picture below) hybrid. That is someone elses picture but I got the seeds ordered dont worry. Isint it cool? They call kale x broccolli crosses "broccolini" i guess becuase they have plenty of off shoots.

I think I will need help from here. My plan is to set up two small raised beds on two opposite sides of the house (plenty of brassicas in between them though). Than get a good broccoli strain and plant it in the middle. Next plant a good strain of collard (both are still undetermined but contemplated everyday) all around the central broccoli. Than vice versa on the opposite bed with the collard in the middle. Since brassicas are self incompatible im hoping it must mean the middle plant can only take in pollen from only other sources making it easy for the bees here. Than take the two separate hybrids that each have different specie parents and cross breed them to have the recessive genes of each grandparent in (becuase i remember something about genes all the way from this biology class and think it might be important to get the recessive genes in right? any input please)[recessive genes are the genes that a organism can only get if both parents have that gene. so if a collard plant lets just pretend has a recessive gene to be glossy, the child plant wont get that gene unless the mother has the gene too unlike other genes which require only one parent have]. And bada bing i have my hybrid that has broccoli (hopefully biggish tightish)main head and wont flower the first year like collards or be heat tolerant and bolt only during the super hot summers here in florida (or something close you get the picture).

I might want to go in since this process may take a while since some brassicas like collards and kale etc... wont bolt until the next year and have more hybrid processes going on in the mean time. What do you peeps think would be cool brassica hybrids?!? I would want to make a black broccoli by breeding a broccoli with dinosaur (or black) kale and hopefully selectively breed them to be like black broccoli. The sky is the limit. This guy looks like he has a pic of a "green glaze" collard (which itself is a collard x cabbage cross) and a "dragon" kale (probably dinosaur which is black,tuscan,nero, etc kale). Lets have a discussion guys. Im down to trade seeds too.

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Hey...just a quick warning. Brassicas aren't self-incompatible so I'd rethink the plan for the beds. You might consider emasculating and hand-pollenating to make sure you get the crosses you want.

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see thank you so much for letting me know that! barely anybody responded to this like i thought they would of. thank you for letting me know that becuase someone said they are self incompatible.

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