Spontaneous graft

garyfla_gw(10 Florida)May 21, 2003


I have a spontaneous graft in my garden that,had someone asked,I would have said impossible.I have only a rudimentry knowledge of grafting so maybe it's not so unusual.??

I moved a queens wreath (Petrea volubilis) into a former bed of Tropical bleeding heart (Clerodendron thompsonae)

Being a lazy gardener I didn't remove the sprouts of the bleeding heart for several months.While clipping the sprouts I noticed that one had come up in the Y of the stems of the queens wreath and the QW had grown around the stem of the BH. I clipped the BH at ground level and dug out the root.Much to my surprise the BH didn't even wilt

Looking at it closely,the BH stem has actually grafted to the QW!!

To my knowledge these plants are not even distantly related.Again, to my knowledge it's not possible for the

Clerodendron to grow as an epiphyte. I thought it would die

but after 6 months both plants are still growing quite well.

The site where the C,emerges from the QW has calloused and completely closed.

Any ideas on how this is possible??

I decided to let the C. continue to grow just to see what happens!! It looks quite healthy and has now expanded to 18 inches.


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