Congo Watermelon and Sangria Watermelon hybrid

Beckerjeremey101(6)May 20, 2014

Hi everybody. I'm new to this forum and the whole hybridizing thing, but it has always interested me, so I'm finally going to play mad scientist and do some experimenting with watermelons. My main questions are:
1. Is it better to cross the Congo x Sangria, Sangria x Congo, or both simultaneously?

2. Once I do the cross(es), and I plant the seeds next season, will the two plants produce identical melons, or will each watermelon on each plant be unique with a different set of genes?

3. If I have both of the new hybrids in close proximity of each other and they pollenate one another, will it strengthen the hybrids' genes or will it change it again to a completely new hybrid?

4. For example, If I like the Sangria x Congo cross and I want to strengthen that line, making it into a new variety of watermelon, do I let the male flowers on that particular plant pollenate the female flowers on the same plant or do I have to have two of the same parent plants to strengthen the line?

5. What happens if I take the hybrid and re-cross it with one of the parent plant varieties? For example, I take the Sangria x Congo cross and re-cross it with another Congo watermelon variety.

To Sum it up, if I like the one or both of the new hybrids, I want to turn it/them into an Heirloom variety.
Sorry for all the questions, but I am extremely fascinated and intrigued with the whole concept of creating the new "NOW" watermelon. I do realize that I could probably create the worst watermelon ever created too. If you think you can assist, please don't hesitate to post or you can email me at

Thank you very much in advance everybody for your advice and assistance.

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donnaz5(Z5 NY)

wow..lots of questions! You need to read a basic book on need a goal, too..
First..when you cross 2 plants, no telling what you'll get..plant them out and cull the weak and plants that don't have what you're looking for.

  1. No..they will not produce identical melons, but generally..may make your crosses stronger..but not stable..they are two different things.
    3. New hybrids
    4. read up on "inbreeding depression"
    Buy yourself a good book on hybridizing!!!!!
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