brpinson(8)May 22, 2003

I have a chance baptisia seedling that has come back every year (3 so far)that has green and yellow variegated foliage. It came up around a planting of baptisia australis that has been there about 10 years It is growing in part shade and I would like to propagate but it hasn't flowered so far (due to the shade). How do I know if it is a disease or really a sport (or whatever it's called). I am going to try to take cuttings before I dig it up this fall to move it. Thanks for any help. I have pics. but can't figure out how to inser them in this message, but can email them to you.

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david_zlesak(z4 MN)

Sounds like a good idea. If it is just a mutation in one of the meristem layers that no longer can produce chlorophyll (periclinal chimera) taking cuttings and division would be the only way to reliably propagate the sport since the meristematic layers should stay in tact. Seed propagation should produce albino or green plants (this happened when I raised seeds off of variegated spider plants). There are truly stable genetic mutations that allow for variegation to be transmitted through seed and does not rely on keeping a defective meristematic layer in tact (cyclamen, some hostas...). It'll be interesting when it flowers and you are able to raise some seeds off of it to see.


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laurels_garden(z5 IL)

greetings, i'm enjoying a very unchicago like summer, my baptisia is 4 years old and the bully of the bed it's in, has anyone transplanted with success? i hate to complain but it is truly too much of a good thing, 6' X 5', and needs to go to the back of the yard. any help would be appreciated. thanks for your kind advise.

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KCtomato1(z5/6 KC, Mo)

You can transplant them but they really don't like it.

I'd like to know if anyone else is making crosses with these.

Older literature reports red hybrids.


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