Mean Hummer has chased the rest away

vanckySeptember 16, 2009

I have three hummingbird feeders hanging in my back yard. We have sometimes more than 20 hummers feeding at same time. All perched together like a happy family. The other day they seemed to disapear. And the reason is a dominate male has decided that all of the feeders belong to him. He stands guard and will not let any others feed. This has gone on for the last four days. My question is how do I get rid of him. I am trying something today. I am taking all the feeders away for two or three days to see if he will leave. Anyone have any comments?

Bill Miller

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Yes, take all the junk food feeders away, and plant flowers, their natural food. :)

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I have found in a case like that to put up several feeders all over the yard out of view of each other. I keep at least 7 feeders up on my acre plus--and in as many different places as I can find. That has really helped here. I hate to take away feeders at this time here in DE, as migration is on and they really relish the extra help.

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Try adding extra sugar to the mixture in one of the feeders--the one the "mean" hummer seems to prefer the most & see if he will just guard "his" feeder. Also moving
some of the feeders out of sight of this "special" feeder
should help.

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