Clivia miniata 'Akebono' blush

Mutantpalm(Long Beach, CA)May 22, 2002

Has anyone had any experience growing any wide leaf forms of Clivia miniata 'Akebono'? I imported my original thinner leafed ÂAkebono from Japan in 1983 as a small liner plant. Dissatisfied with the eventual leaf size of the original plant, I realized that the potential for a more desirable wider leaf form was possible. Hybridizing this plant with a five-inch wide green leaf form produced a genetically stable, much wider leaf variety. Clivia miniata ÂAkebono blush is a vigorous grower producing an unpredictable foliage pattern where no two leaves are ever the same.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clivia miniata 'Akebono' blush

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I don't have any experience myself, but I know someone who might be able to help you. His name is Wu Jin and he lives in China. Here is his site:
Check out the photo gallery! He usually has lots of varigated and broad leaf types for sale at reasonable prices.

FYI: He is very reputable (I have purchased from him directly as has many other people on the Clivia Enthusiast Yahoo chat group)and very knowledgable about Japanese and Chinese varigated / short leafed and dwarf type Clivias. Very nice guy.

Hope he can help you.
Jools : )

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