Forever Hydrangea

mcraymondFebruary 21, 2009

I am new to posting, but I have really enjoyed the helpful advice I have found in the past. Last April I planted two Forever Hydrangeas on the north side of my house in upper CT. They did beautifully throughout the spring, summer & fall. I did not protect them over the winter, but had planned on covering them with cloth in the evenings starting in April this year. The reason why is because last year, I had planted them during a warm spell, but, of course since this is New England, we had a couple nights of frost a few weeks later which killed the new growth on the top of one of the plants (it did recover nicely though). My question is: should I have been protecting them all winter OR is it ok to only protect the new growth in the spring from potentially frosty nights after growth has begun? I hope this isn't too wordy!!

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No, not all winter. You can protect them in late Fall or early Spring. A frost here or there should not be risky to these hardy woody plants. I would pay attention when a big dip below freezing is announced after being above freezing for many days. New growth or buds could be affected by such weather changes but the small tender leaves will be replaced.

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