Lacecap ID?

mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)February 1, 2014

I picked this up for my wife a few years ago in the florist's area of our local supermarket. I didn't think it would be hardy, but I gave it a try nevertheless. It's done just fine for the last three years with no protection.
Florists are notorious for not labeling plants for sale. It would be nice if it could be identified. Amazingly, the colors are true!
Thank you.

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Reminds me of some of the Teller Hybrid Hydrangeas like Blaumeise

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

Thank you, Luis.
I should learn more about Hydrangeas.
I picked up a pink one in the florist dept. in a grocery store last year and don't know the name of it either. Maybe I can find a pic of it.
The only one I have with a name on it is 'Weiderspink', a beautiful blue lacecap. Here it is.


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Mike it looks it might be a Teller blue.

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Those are really beautiful plants. Great deal for a
hydrangea from the super market, Mike.

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Margaret, that comment reminded me of an incredibly nice looking purple lacecap that I once saw at a grocery store. Yes, a florist hydrangea with no tag but a generic tag saying 'Hydrangea'. Gee, really???? Ha!

At the time, I decided not to get it but I have since decided it may have been worth getting it nonetheless. Of course, at the time I was in Columbia, SC and bringing it home on a plane would have been a pain. And the shade of purple would have difficult or impossible to duplicate once planted on the ground. But I still remember the one that got away! Ha!.

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Luis...guess what??? Just since reading Mike's post...
I know where I'm going after Easter Sunday. My Food
Lion stores will reduce their holiday plants on that Monday.
I never thought seriously about bringing them home either.
Oh's hoping :). Besides, I just love a challenge
at growing plants. I'll call out the manager and make a deal.

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