Help determing a TB Iris's name

Mariah.BMay 3, 2012

Hello, I recently read and did some research about hybridizing irises and I've decide to try my hand at the hobby! I'm a huge fan of the flower and I've bought a few TB and BB irises that are already known such as Beverly Sills and Batiks. However, last year I was given some rhizomes by an aunt who lives in a rural town in NM. She has had the flowers for quite some time and had no clue what type of iris they were or the name for it. So I planted them last summer with no blooms but this spring the plant grew admirably large! The largest stock measuring up to 45" and all the stocks had great flower quantity and spacing. The blooms turned out to be a lovely opalescent white with light violet ripples at the haft. The beard itself is a vibrant yellow/orange. It doesn't have much frill at the edges and the petals are smooth. It really is a beautiful surprise!

So I know it's a TB for sure but my main question is has any one seen this Iris before? Does any one know the name? I've done a fair amount of research trying to find it and so fair I've found one that comes close. It's called English Cottage, please look it up on Google images and let me know if you think the similarities are a match!

I would like to know so I can research the grandparents for crossing purposes. Thanks!

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