I am new at hybridizing and have questions.

ibartoo(z8 sc)May 6, 2008

Hi Everyone, I have been on GW for 5 years but this is my first year trying to hybridize anything and I was wondering if you could freeze pollen from all sorts of plants like you can for daylilies or brugs. I would like to try my hand at it and see what I get. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking of starting with my daylilies. Any suggestions?

Thanks a bunch, Linda

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orchidsrule(5b, before global warming)

If you search "breeding ornamental plant" some nice books will pop up, one of which has a section on breeding daylilies (it's hard to say more without making it of a commercial nature; terms and conditions).

A few pointers:

Breed tetraploids to tetraploids and diploids to diploids. Sometimes tetraploids and diploids will yield tetraploid offspring, but this doesn't happen often.

Keep a plan in mind. This applies to all plants, but making crosses willy-nilly won't accomplish anything, unless you are lucky. Also, use the best plants. Don't repeat what others have done, as in don't create what someone has already done. If such a plant exists, the world doesn't need another.

Why do you want to refrigerate pollen? I thought daylilies tended to bloom at around the same date. I know that you can store pollen of almost anything for maybe a week (that estimate may be too low) in a dry container in the fridge (not freezer).

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ibartoo(z8 sc)

Thanks orchidsrule. I will check it out. I have lilies that start very early in the spring and then some that don't bloom for several months. I wanted to mix the pollen from those more than any.

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agibson(8-9 Texas)

If you are going to start with daylilies, you might ask over in the Daylily Forum. There are lots of posts over there about hybridizing.
Right now everybody's are blooming, so there are lots of wonderful pictures.

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