i see these hydrangeas

tulips101(5a sterling il.)February 16, 2013

How long does it take for to grow and amount to a well looking plant and flower. those hydrangease being sold in 4 inch pots and quart pots.
I have been looking at the small BoBo hydrangeadoes anyone here know any thing about it and a good place to buy thank you.

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tulips101(5a sterling il.)

could anyone please give me som info on the BOBO hydrageas i think they are nice but is there downfall on it .I would apreciate some help thank you.

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Bobo is a paniculata that produces a lot of blooms. Being a paniculata, it should be hardy in your zone. While lots of blooms can cause some flopping, so far, few have complained about that so, its stems may be strong enough to hold the weight. Below is a link with a picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bobo Hydrangea

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I just ran into a caution/warning on Bobo issued by the Wilkerson Mills Gardens, a nursery in Georgia that sells Bobo. Their 2-gallon sized plants did not bloom during the summer of 2013. They did not report why so... just be aware. I hope it is something as simple as they dried out enough that the plant aborted the flower buds. But it bothers me that such a problem would have affected other plants closeby too. Hmmmm.

Here is what they posted in their website (or read by following the link below): "From the same breeder that brought you "Pinky Winky" comes Hydrangea paniculata Bobo a dwarf selection claimed to be only 3 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide. I always make sure I have a dollop of salt when reading and copying here the marketing claims of all the new hydrangeas. This one is new to us, another Proven Winner, although I donâÂÂt know how long the proof trial went on. ItâÂÂs handsome enough but our 2 gallons didnâÂÂt bloom this summer/fall so the tag that says itâÂÂs "engulfed by white flowers in summer" is still a phrase and not a reality for us.

In the last few years many PeeGees claimed to be dwarf have arrived in the market - Baby Lace, Bombshell, Bobo etc. All of them are too new for us to assess their "dwarfness" and bloom power in a garden. Based only on personal credence IâÂÂd trust Baby Lace as a product of the intense and detailed breeding done on hydrangeas by the team assembled by Dr. Michael Dirr. Again, my opinion. All photos courtesy Proven Winners. Zones 3-9."

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to the webpage

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