Mealybugs on shooting star hoya

phal_palDecember 5, 2013

AACK! Its happened. Mealybugs on my hoya shooting star/multiflora. I only found two which I q-tipped off with dawn dishwashing liquid but now I am paranoid for the rest of my plants. They are all grouped together in a south facing window. 40+ orchids, hoya, geranium, vining plants, pachira tree etc...

I'm thinking if it is on the hoya surely it is elsewhere. My question bayer advanced tree and shrub safe to use on hoya's?

I am pulling out the big guns because I do not want this to spread. Thank you for your help.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry to hear you've found mealy bugs.

First & foremost I'd suggest you isolate the affected plants, like into ANOTHER ROOM, as mealy can be very contagious, very fast for Hoyas. Isolation is ALWAYS the first step pls.

Also, don't know why swab w/ dish soap on Q-tips, what I always see suggested (& always do myself) is swab off w/ alcohol & then don't rinse it off. Re-apply same way in anther 3 days or so if you see more.

Sorry, but have I no experience w/ Bayer, so can't answer your questions.

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This may be too late, but yes the liquid Bayer Advanced is safe to use on Hoyas. Back when I used it, I had Hoyas in S/H, never saw any detrimental effects on the plants. Even had a multiflora in S/H at the time (still do have that, the S/H container is now a gallon milk jug)

I no longer use it due to other side effects, but I would say be careful to follow the dilution instructions, safety instructions and if your plants are inside, I would probably dump out any excess liquid after a day or two. Just in case it gets knocked over. Mine were always outside, so I didn't worry.

Also don't dump excess down the sink - not good.


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Thanks. I have treated my hoya and six other plants around it. I will observe the rest of them and see if anything comes up.

I definitely will NOT put any poison down the sink. Thanks for your help.

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