Sharing a bloom

haxuan(Vietnam)December 15, 2011

I wish to share with you the first bloom on my H. australis (?)

The buds, some time ago:

The bloom

The peduncles

Thanks for looking.


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Xuan it is nice to see you posting your Hoya photos again, I always love your photos.
Congratulations on the Hoya australis blooms.


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I agree, it's nice to hear from you, Xuan! Your australis photos are beautiful - I especially like the last one with all the little bud fireworks exploding around such a healthy and happy looking plant. ^_^

I have yet to see this bloom first person, but I like this species and all its forms very much!

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Thank you, Mike & Greedyghost.

I haven't post often since I didn't have any interesting hoyas to share until this one. :)

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ahead.


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zzackey(8b GA)

Oh, how pretty! This is my first time to this forum. I have a cutting that I rooted from my sister-in-law two years ago. It has silver colored slashes on the leaves and a fragrant pint round bloom. I can't get mine to bloom and hers bloomed like crazy. She said she never fertilized it and she never repotted it until I visited them. It had hardly any roots in a 12 inch hanging basket. Seems weird to me.

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Happy be to see you still around.
I love AUSTRALIS, had it for over 5 years, never bloom. Just killed it this winter. Your plant looks strong, buds in every nods, loved it! keep posting Xuan, thanks.

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