Hoya subcalva flower???

Jan SwordDecember 15, 2009

Just kidding. This E pumillum looks like it belonged to subcalva so I wanted to share.

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That epi bloom does look like it's growing from the hoya.

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Congratulations on the Epi bloom Jan. I have miserable luck with Epiphyllum, just can't seem to grow or bloom them well.


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Wow, that's purty! I don't think I've ever seen one that was pure white - don't they usually have a little yellow in the center?

Denise in Omaha

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Jan Sword

Thanks everyone.
Mike, the key is to let it almost completely dry before watering. I've lost many many epies before.
Denise, E pumillum is a species, it is smaller then most epies and it's so fragrant but the flower only last one day. I've seen some photos with whole plant covered in bloom.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Sure is pretty Jan! Its so sad the blooms only last a day :o( Well at least you get to enjoy the fragrance and its beauty even though its so short lived.

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Very nice photo and flower
I also like epiphyllum and grow a yellow one that blooms in the middle of summer. The fragrance is very strong at about 2:00 in the morning but during the day it has no smell.Funny thing is it was this last summer that I realized it even had any fragrance.I was outside trying to cool off from the heat and I thought I must have a hoya blooming. When I went looking with a flashlight I found it was my epi that the fragrance was coming from.


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That's beautiful Jan!
I have a epi thats small with a big scent too....and it bloomed again earlier this month.I have been trying to ID it since it's first bloom. Looking at both the foliage and bloom is it the same as yours by chance?

Here's a picture of mine.Thanks for your time too!

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Jan Sword

Thanks everyone for your compliments.

Pug, lot of the species blooms only last one night.
Cindy, wonderful having fragrant epies. Not all epies have fragrance.
Ladygreensleeves, certainly looks like mine. E pumillum.

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