Winding Down!

vickilovesboxers(7)September 4, 2009

I am repeating what I wrote on another post as a new one to get all your thoughts on this season. I am in southern Delaware and most all of my resident RT's have left here.

It is sad!

I have had a really good year with my residents--but as of today i just have one juvie male here. I am seeing migrators and will have them only till the first week of October. I do not know if my last baby boy will leave today--I wish I could send a bottle of formula with them all, and know they would have plenty to eat on their journey.

Surely we all feel the sadness that some of our beautiful friends will not make it back next year. It certainly will not be our fault and that is a comfort!

You guys are all heroes to care for and help our wonderful RT Hummers survive and thrive!

Cheers to next season and God speed to all our Hummers!!!

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LaurelLily(9a Houston, TX)

I'll repeat something similar to what I put in that thread, then, too--chin up, there are some good gardens here in the south able to accommodate many hummers (my sister in law, mother, and I are all on standby ready for more than we've got now--and we're just some of millions). We'll keep them warm for a while, send them a little further south, then get them ready for you next year and send them back, ok? :) It's so depressing to think of them going, I agree, but remember you all have VERY SMART birds and they know how to find good gardens! They'll find other Garden Web members who know how to look after feeders, have lots of nectar plants, and hey bugs too!

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Oh thanks laurelilly--that is a great encouragement!
So we are just sending ours down to Ya'll(I know that is not Texan).
It is so rewarding to hook up with folks here who love and appreciate birds and other critters and help them survive.

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It is a bittersweet time for us northerners, but the people in the south are waiting on what we have been lucky enough to enjoy these last 3 or 4 months. IM making another post of males I had today ck it out.

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We are not heroes Vicky. Just plain folks that care for and enjoy a unique gift from nature visiting our porches and balconies.

My regulars are gone to, but I have occasional visitors from north and east. A fat healthy RT female today, maybe one of yours. She had the blooms and feeders all to herself all day! Maybe she will stay for a few days.

It has been a bonus hummer year for me, and I'm very thankful.

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chescobob(z6b SEPA)

I'm on my way to the yard with the final 8 ounces of sugar water.

I haven't checked for a day to see if the resident male--Loverboy--is still here. I'll check today.

Loverboy, as late as last week, was still making his flying "U" over females. At least one female has been fascinated with Loverboy's "U" and watches him from the bottom of his "U" very carefully. The only difference between the Spring "U" and the current "U" is that Loverboy does not chatter at the bottom of his current "U."

Southeast PA

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LaurelLily(9a Houston, TX)

Yes, Vicki, you are just sending them to us, and I promise we'll send them back next year. We're all just sharing the joy of watching them! :)

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It's been an exceptionally busy week at the feeders...all 10 of them and I am filling them every other day, so I've been pretty busy too!!! Late yesterday afternoon, they were swarming everywhere...what a sight to behold.

PLEASE don't despair, all of you up north! All of us "way down" here are taking very good care of them as all of you did.

It's bittersweet for us as well, knowing the season will come to an end shortly, but it's comforting to know that we all have played a vital part in helping them along their journey.

And Vicki, I know how you feel about packing a bottle of formula!!! I'm putting up a sign in my yard saying "Ya'll Come Back Again, Ya Hear??!!! Surely they can read!!

I too, am thankful for this wonderful season and the opportunity to host these delightful creatures. I pray for their safety as they move on.

This forum will be winding down as well and let me say how great it's been to share our hummer happenings with one another. Though I've been feeding them for many years, each season I learn something new....THANKS ALL! I mean, YA'LL!


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I am here in a Boston suburb and the hummers are still here. Last year sept. 10th was the last time they were at the feeder.

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jeelli(5/6 CT)

My last male Hummer was Sept. 7th, and my last female (and last Hummer) was the following day- Sept 8th. I'll miss them so much- this year was our first summer living in our current home, and we were able to use the space in our garden to plant all of their favorite flowers. Which they mostly ignored- lol.
Here's to next year!
I'm going to try to figure out a way to upload some of the many Hummer videos I filmed this year. I know that will tide me over til Spring!!!

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Vicky asked us all to comment on our hummer season. It would be great if all forum members could make some comments on how their hummer season went. We would all like to hear.

How about it guys?

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I'm in central VA and I've had more hummers and fewer butterflies, this summer. I still have 3 very busy hummers buzzing the feeders. I think they are all females. I'll keep filling them up as they pass thru'

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Hi, y'all, from OKC. I still have a couple of juvie RTs fighting over feeder territory. The mature male RT is gone (do they migrate first?). They are loving the Moonflower, cypress vine, red pentas, red Texas Star hibiscus and lantana, and their feeder of course. still have some butterflies but night temps in the low 50s are not conducive to flying, nor are the cloudy days.

Birds don't show any sign of wanting to leave yet, except for the mature male. Hope nothing happened to him.


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Things are winding down here as well, less than 1/2 gal of nectar/day. I did get to see 16 at the cluster of feeders late yesterday, with a few more buzzin' in the trees. Still have at least 2 adult males, 1 of which I know is mine. The forecast calls for 2 nights in the upper 40's early next week, that'll probably send most of 'em packing.

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