Easter Hydrangea

mvd80February 13, 2013

I had to post my success story here. Last Easter I got the stereotypical tin-foil wrapped hydrangea. It was beautiful and we enjoyed it while it bloomed inside. Fairly soon after getting it, I repotted into a larger pot with some potting soil. I left it inside until I thought it was warm enough to be put outside (IâÂÂm in zone 5). I kept it outside all summer and until leaves started to fall off last fall. When it started to get really cool and the leaves had mostly fallen off, I put it in my unheated garage. I think this was maybe mid to late November. I left it in the garage until about mid-January. During that time I probably watered it 3 or 4 times. When I took it inside I started to water it more. Now inside it gets indirect sunlight most of the time and occasionally I put it in a south window for some bright direct sun. It's leafing out very nicely and has lots of blooms coming. I read lots about how to save this type of hydrangea and much of what I read said that it was difficult and probably wouldn't work. I wanted to post my story to provide hope to anyone who might want to give it a try. Good luck.

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Oh how exciting. It's always a thrill to succeed in one of those rare or difficult situations.


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jadie88(7 MD)

Thanks! I sense a visit to Sam's Club in my future...

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