jan_on zone 5bMay 4, 2012

Is this a scape growing on my NOID? Two big fat eyes emerged, one grew beautiful leaves, one did this. I expected scapes to grow from the centre of a rosette of leaves. Is it confused, or am I?


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OMG!!! How ever did you find it? Were you down on your knees worshiping the Hosta gods and spotted this awesome growth?

That looks like a hefty diameter to it, just like an eye to me, but then my NOID #1 put up a scape early in the season too. Only it was definitely a SCAPE. This is a really fine looking plant you have there. How big are the leaves so far?
Sorry, cannot determine the nature of this beast.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

'it' is.. not you ...

its got a name.. for what is happening.. and i cant remember it.. lol .. there was a post a week or so about the subject ...

its probably hormonally unbalanced ...


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It's interesting. I don't remember the post, so I'm keeping this one at the top for an answer.


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How long has your NOID been planted there Jan? It certainly has the appearance of new growth of one of the Lilium, either asiatic or oriental lily.

This is just an observation. Such scape anomoly among hostas would be WAY out of my realm of knowledge.


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It is just a scape. Once in awhile an eye will send up a scape without sending up any leaves. Cut it off if you want that part of the plant to grow leaves.

This is one that my one eyed Thunderbolt sent up a couple years ago. I cut it off and leaves grew. I had an eye on Wolverine do the same thing.

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jan_on zone 5b

I bought this plant last summer even though it was obviously NOT 'Paul's Glory' as labelled, because my husband (not a hosta fan) picked it out. So it was planted last fall, and came up this spring with two healthy eyes that looked the very same, but then did this. Not nearly as spectacular as yours Frank. Guess I'll watch and wait -- it's too interesting to cut off at this point.

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