Zucchini x Yellow Crookneck?

lostnationJune 9, 2009

I have scoured the Internet & this website for the better part of 2 days, thinking this would be SUCH a common topic, but - no luck! That being said: advanced apologies if I just didn't manage to use the right wording in the zillions I tried in my zillions of searches & this topic has indeed been discussed to death.

So. I grew a couple of Zucchini & Yellow Crookneck in the same row last year. I had zero intentions of saving seeds b/c I had enough "originals" for this year's garden. However, on my way to the burnpile, hauling the remains of last year's extras that had gotten gigantic, laid there all winter & became brittle mostly-hollow shells, I discovered they contained zillions of, what look like to my amateur self, anyway - practically perfectly-preserved seeds!

So, naturally - I decided to do some research before sacrificing them to the burnpile gods & goddesses.

&, here are my questions:

How is the viability of seeds (just in general) who've endured the weather & season changes like these did affected?

I can't believe nobody's ever crossed Zucchini & Yellow Squash, before - accidentally or otherwise, LOL! Is there some super-common hybridized name thecross is referred to as, or something? (Zookneck? Crookini?) Or, maybe the reason I can't find anything abt it, anywhere is b/c these 1st generation cross seeds are sterile, so there IS no such a thing as a Zookneck or Crookini?

OR, conversely, if the 2 crossing is a pretty common occurrence &, if those seeds ARE viable . . . what is the result of planting those 1st-gen seeds, fruitwise?

Thanks in advance for all of the generous wisdom I'll be looking forward to being showered with. :D

Best wishes,

Sarah in extreme south-central MI

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Zucchini and yellow crookneck squash should cross quite easily. They are both members of the "pepo" species. As to the viability of the seed around your burn pile, mature crookneck squash lay on my zone five all winter and were tilled under this spring. I have volunteer squash everywhere.

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I crossed the two and it looked like a zuke with slight yellowing in it like this

and it was very very tasty I thought I am planing on growing it out to get a stable hybrid I liked it so much

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Try "golden zucchini " it is a cross between summer squash and zucchini. It was around years ago . Close enough?

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Using clothespins to keep blossoms closed, I intentionally crossed Gold Rush zuchinni with Yellow Crookneck last summer. Made plenty of seeds.

I am encouraged by 1angel3's similar success. My plan was to make some F2's and perhaps backbreed again to crookneck, my favorite summer squash taste.

Gold Rush was so pretty a yellow color, I hated to not do "something' with it, so I played squash-pimp!

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First time poster but long time lurker with a similar question.

Yellow squash and green zucchini grew not too far away from each other last year. This year what looked like a zucchini plant popped up on the other side of the garden in between beets and kale. My friend wanted to see what happened so we let it go.

Out popped this yellow green striped thing that we assumed was a yellow squash/zucchini mix.

Only thing is it has tiny spikes like a cucumber. I read somewhere that cucumbers and zucchini don't cross. Would love to hear from the experts as the curiosity is up around here. It tastes like a slightly sweeter zucchini.

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Cukes can cross with melons occasionally but rarely . They can not cross with squash or surprisingly even "gherkins".
You could cross this with a Big max pumpkin (squashkin). Not only would you get Zucchini flavor but enough to make lots of Zucchini bread . It may take a few generations to get all the right traits .

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Thanks Farmfreedom. The plant popped up about 12 to 15 feet from a Jarradale pumpkin vine that is crawling down one end of my rows. Don't know if that is close enough for something to happen naturally. I have never tried to purposefully cross something. Hmmm.

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bozemeier(6 (Southern IL))

I crossed what I thought was a Grey Zucchini & Yellow Squash because I grew them both in the same patch and the outcome was a mostly "yellow" squash but smooth with blocthy/mottled stripes like the Grey Zucchini.

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My Gold Rush zuke X yellow crookneck hybrid seeds grew well enough the next summer and was a fabulous summer squash, if you are into taste-free squash!

Hope nobody else repeats this cross. Taint worth it!

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