Planting Hydrangea Bulb that has sprouted

theitgirl21February 7, 2007

For Christmas I got a Hydrangea bulb in a box with a vase, it said put the bulb on top of the vase, fill it with water to the bottom of the bulb and keep it in a dark place until it sprouts two inches, then plant it. But it didnt explain how to plant it. So my bulb has about 2 inches of plant sprouting out the top and about 5 inches of roots coming out of the bottom. I planted in it my garden two days ago, but I think I did it wrong. I planted it so the top of the bulb was level with the ground, so the stalks are above the ground. Is this right? Should I dig it back up and plant it further underground? Should the stalks even be underground? Thank you. I dont know exactly what kind of hydrangea it is.

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Hydrangeas don't grow from bulbs. Perhaps your gift was a Hyacinth?.....yg

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oh my. maybe it was. well I will look that up and see what it says about planting those.

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