Three little ladies still hanging around!

deedee1028September 17, 2009

I've not seen any males for about a week, only have 3 girls that are fighting over the feeders. They really have come to trust us....I go out daily and hold the feeder and they'll fly up and drink from it and they follow my husband in and out of the garage as he's doing yard work so we have to be really careful and make sure they're not in there before we close the garage door. I think the hummers are leaving earlier this year here in the St. Louis, metro area. I hope fall and winter fly by I'll miss my hummers and bluebirds.

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Lucky you...I've tried the hand feeding to no avail! That must be an awesome experience. I'm already missing my bluebirds since the 2nd brood fledged on 7/3. Won't be much longer until I'll begin missing my hummers as well.

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deedee, the hummers following your husband into the garage and out makes me smile. And I'm not surprised. Mine got so used to me standing next to the feeders, they just flew around me to get to them, chirping. I think they were irritated with me, wanting me to get out of the way and just go sit in my chair! LOL

A friend of mine at work often gets hummers in her garage. She and her husband have to catch them to take them out.

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