Are they leaving?

djt824September 3, 2012

I have had the same "family" of hummers for the past 5 years or so. I believe they're on their third generation at my feeder.There have been 5 of them all summer, but lately I am only seeing 3, one of which I believe is the latest baby. She seems to be hanging around the feeder hanger and not flying around much. Does this mean the others (the males, I assume) have already started on the journey south? I read that the males go first.

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Unless you're in a colder zone ~ I don't think yet! They arrived a bit late here this year due to heat-wave & are are more than last year's population ~ they didn't take off 'til near end of Sept when cold came early in 2011!

Babes usually stay a bit longer gaining size & strength for the tedious flight back South!

Best wishes!!!

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I don't usually see any here in the Chicago area untill September or so. That seems to be during the southward migration. I think that's happening now.

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I have had about 50 this summer in Gower Missouri, they are all still here. May change tomorrow, susposed to only be around 60 degrees daytime and 45 tomorrow night.

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I am still feeding between 8 and 12 birds here in Chillicothe. If their feeders are empty they come find me in the yard for a refill!!! I will keep feeding til the last one is gone. They havent been bothered by the sudden cooler weather either. It has been lots of entertainment watching them all summer. Have even had a few land and eat while the feeder was still in my hand. I love it!! ðÂÂÂ

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We still have a dozen or so birds here in south Mississippi. This year I hung 4 feeders together and have had clouds of hummingbirds. Before, I hung separately and had 1 bird per feeder. Now the most aggressive ones seem to be overwhelmed by the large numbers. Noisy, constant fighting, but lots of birds!

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

I've been wondering that, too. This year I planted agastache right outside my office window, and I've seen a hummer there for the past several weeks. It seems to be an extra tiny one, grey, probably an immature. Still here this morning, 9/20. This is St Louis, MO suburbs.

I want this little guy to be safe. Is he still ok staying here this long?

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