need help finding these three

stan6February 22, 2011

Please help me find these three paniculatas: Tickled Pink, Mystical Flame and Bombshell. Looking for an online source or somewhere in Nashville TN area. Would love to find 3 yr old plant. Many, many thanks to the one who can help me on this request!!

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

You could contact Bailey Nurseries for Tickled Pink or Willow Way Nurseries for Mystical Flame. These are wholesalers but they are not big on the Internet so calling may be preferable to using their websites. Ask them for the name of a retailer (local nursery) that carries their products near you.

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Does Bailey's sell directly to the public? I really want a Vanilla Strawberry paniculata, but there aren't any Bailey's distributors around here.

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Bailey's is wholesale only.

'Bombshell' can be found at various online sources -- Heronswood, Avant Gardens, Sooner Plant Farm, Kleim's Song Sparrow.

'Tickled Pink' AND 'Bombshell' can be found at Dayton Nursery.

'Mystical Flame' and 'Vanilla Strawberry' are available through White Flower Farm.

Have no idea about the ages or sizes of any of these. And be sure to check out Garden Watchdog to verify the ratings of any mail order source before ordering.

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Thanks for the tip on White Flower Farm!

All their site says is 1-gallon pots, which I would estimate to be probably a 2-year-old plant? Maybe 18" high? I'm still not too good on getting an idea of how large a plant is based on pot size (not even sure that is terribly useful since some small plants have large root systems and others are shallow, so the same sized pot supports way different sized plants!).

Are paniculatas fast growers? All I have so far are macrophyllas (and had them for about 6 months) so I have no idea.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Given the proper conditions, hydrangeas will grow quickly when young so, feel free to buy 1-g shrubs. I would only pony up for bigger shrubs if that is the only size available.

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I just ordered 3 of the Vanilla Strawberries from White Flower Farm. None of the local nurseries are expecting to have any this year, unfortunately. Shipment is supposed to be mid-to-late June. I hope they can send it earlier, because that's a long wait for me and it'll start getting quite hot here about that time, hah.

I'll update when they arrive. Really looking forward to these beauties!

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