Hummingbirds now ignoring feeders for flowers

lexilu73September 10, 2013

I have noticed over the last week or two the activity has dropped off at the feeders. I no longer have to fill them twice a day. Of course the numbers have decreased due to migration but I still have about 9 hummingbirds the best I can tell. I am noticing they are rarely using the feeders and are more frequent at the flowers. Especially Black and Blue Salvia, Marachino Salvia, and Lady in Red. Have any of you noticed the same thing? If so, what flowers are they using?

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shillanorth Z4 AB

Mine are all gone now but they definitely favoured Raspberry Wine and Jacob Cline monarda, Gartenmeister fuchsia, coral bells, salvia coccinea and scarlet runner beans over the feeders.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Feeder activity has dropped off, and so has chasing and whizzing around the yard, so I think some are gone. But I still have two --saw two chasing each other yesterday evening.

Lots less activity in the last hour before dusk. Yesterday only one visit in that final hour, but one hummer all over the red honeysuckle on the deck. I guess they are after bugs or maybe trace minerals?

I sure do miss all the whizzing around.

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terrene(5b MA)

Yes, I took my feeder down last week. The sugar water was getting cloudy and the hummers weren't touching it for days.

However, they are still around every day in the gardens (although it won't be much longer). Just watched 2 of them in the back garden today - both were on Salvia - one was on Salvia 'Lady in Red' and the other was on the Salvia azurea. Then they started chasing each other around.

I've also got Salvia Black & Blue, Yvonne's Salvia, tall Zinnias, and a bit of Lobelia cardinalis that are blooming away, and not to mention miscellaneous other flowers they like (Physostegia, Cleome, etc) so they have plenty of nectar in the gardens.

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