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mauch1(z6b PA)June 5, 2013

I believe some of this has already been done, but in peas I'm working on breeding yellow and purple podded snap peas.

Had some problems with pea germination this year, particularly with Sugar Daddy and Super Snappy.

Mostly using Blauwschokker and Early Golden for the Red and yellow genes (I seem to hear about other red-podded peas that are better tasting, but they don't seem readily available.)

Peas I'm growing:
Blauwschokker -- Purple/Red podded soup pea (Tall)
Early Golden -- old yellow podded (red flowered) snow pea (Tall)
Sugar Daddy -- very short supposedly no strings
Super Snappy -- supposedly up to 6 inch pods - short growing
Early Freezer -- Regular pea- appears productive, has gene for two flowers per node. Short but taller than SD or SS.
Super Sugar Snap -- Improved variety of original snap pea (the one I've usually preferred to grow). Tall growing.

I find the very short snap pea flowers are harder to work with than the tall varieties (and it's not just the reaching down to the groud). The flower buds seem smaller and weaker and more easlily accidently detached. I've mostly had to use the Blauwschokker and Early golden as mother parents (though I'd prefer going the other way).

Had a 'fortuitious' accident in the Sugar Daddy row -- one of the peas came up with bi-color red flowers. I know its not from my regular red peas as all my reds are tall and this is the same size as the other Sugar Daddy's)I don't know if it's a mis-hybridization, an accidental cross pollination from the seed salesman, or a mutation, but I'm taking advantage of it in my breeding!

So far I've bred the following (don't know if all have taken yet):
BL(auwshokker) X E(arly) F(reezer)
E(arly) G(olden) X EF
BL X S(ugar) D(addy) R(ed)
SDR (self) - Let bloom self pollinate, but marked the seed for saving
BL X S(upper) S(nappy)

Anyone else in the midst of a breeding project?

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mauch1(z6b PA)

Frustration -- After a period of torrential rains, and being unable to get to the garden, a deer invaded the garden and browsed through most of the garden. Particullary, he devestated the peas. Lost most of the crosses, then I managed to compound the problem by removing two remaining crossed pods by accident. I'm going to look and see if the plants rebloom so I can try the crosses again, but it's going to be more difficult


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keking(z6 TN)

You may be interested in Rebsie Fairholm's experiments with peas. She crossed a purple podded with a yellow podded. In the F2 generation she got one with red pods.

She also crossed 'Sugar Ann' with 'Golden Sweet'. Among other things she got some with purple seeds, and some yellow snap peas. Very cool!

Here is a link that might be useful: Rebsie Fairholm's Peas

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