Unknown variety- please help!

ejatxJune 6, 2009

Hi there, I bought a plant labeled as Cherokee Chocolate at a local plant sale that has turned out to not be that variety but an unknown one that both the garden I bought it from, Sunshine Community Garden in Austin TX, and the garden that grew the plants for them, San Gabriel Valley Farms in Georgetown TX, can't identify for the life of us. I even went through every plant on the plant sale list to no avail. The tomatoes are very pear-shaped and striped green but are a littler larger than other "cherub" style varieties. A big batch of them have ripened, which seems to happen when they get a golden color to them, and are quite tasty but I'm curious to see if any of you might have a idea. I posted it on this hybrid list because I feel that the person at the community garden who collected the seeds must have inadvertently cross-pollinated two varieties without realizing and was wondering if any of you fine folks who actually have experience with that could fill me in on whether that's even possible. I'm posting a couple of pictures of the tomatoes, both on the vine and ripened in a bowl with a couple of other varieties. Btw, my roommate bought the plant that produced the red-orange tomato at Whole Foods and that was labeled as a Purple Russian, which it obviously isn't, so we actually have two we're not sure of. Anything you could add would most certainly help us.





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This is more likely a case or cases of mislabeling, instead of hybridizing. I would suggest posting your query in the Tomatoes forum, where there are a lot of experts on heirloom tomato varieties.


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