are your hummers still around

finchelover(5b-6)September 14, 2008

I have 2 still here,one I call the boss that chases the other away. I laugh because it is here early in the day,has its perch on twig of my dwarf purple plum bush and drinks feeder near by,flies to his perch waits and watches if the other appears,beware. That is its territory. I hope they stay awhile longe our temps been dropping and they say tomorrow morning we will be in 40's. I live north of Kansas City,Mo area.

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I still have a couple here in Michigan.

With all the rain, they are constantly at the feeders.


Here is a link that might be useful: Feeding Hummingbirds

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We have been feeding 3 since August. 2 or 3 of them are still here. I'm in zone 7, upper South Carolina.

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twinkie1cat(9 or lower 8)

Well, it is a long time until winter in Louisiana although it is supposed to be in the 60s tonight. I would be concerned those little feet would freeze if they got too cold. They are just so incredibly little.

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Today is at an all time low. I live in Atlanta, Ga. and it's a little cool today.

I'm assuming they have migrated but not certain.

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harlgr8dane(5b ON)

I'm still seeing at least 3 around here at my feeders on a daily basis...

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I had an abundance 2 days ago. This morning I counted at least 6. This has been the first year that I have had this many show up.

Not complaining!


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crazee4flowers(z5 MI)

We still have 3 hummers here

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This is 1 of about 10 still hangin' around my place...

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Mine never leave. I have them all year long. I live in Oregon, the Willamette Valley. From watching their habits, I believe the same birds live, breed, nest and eat in my yard all year long. The hummers I watch have three little territories staked out on different sides of my property. I can hear the three males all day long, doing their little "this is my space" "this is my space" "this is my space" calls from their favorite perches.

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grow4birds, you are so lucky! I find it very interesting that you have hummers year round in Oregon. Since you are in a valley I am guessing that the temps are rather mild there in the winter. Let us know should I am wrong.

I still have hummers here. They seem to change daily. Some leave and others come in.

Jean NW GA

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I counted 14 last week, this morning I've only seen 8, but it seems to change everyday. I hope alot more are still coming my way. I'm in South Texas zone9, warm winters, could I have them year round , anyone know?

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Jean, The AnnaƂs do not migrate. They are year round residents. We get Rufous also but only in the spring, summer and early fall. We do have below freezing weather but only for a few days at a time. So the little guys are able to wait out the weather. I maintain 9 feeders all year long and in the winter, during cold spells, keeping them defrosted can be a full time job. When the night time temps drop below 35 degrees I bring all my feeders in the house at night. Then before first light I warm the feeders and sugar water and hang them out just in time for breakfast. (-: Last winter we had snow, freezing rain and a run of a week worth of cold weather with day time temp in the 20s. The hummers were up with the sun, at the feeders and on their perches and living their life like it was 80 degrees. They are amazing little birds.

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As of today I still have 3 or 4 here. But Im sure its a new batch each day. With the cooldown coming they may all move on. Last year with the coming weekend I saw my last one anyway.

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I'm south of Indy and I saw one Sunday 9/28, but none since ... I think prior to that the ones I saw were just passing through.

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Ive been having them daily including today the 12th one at a time as they pass thru.

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grow4birds, Thanks for sharing about how you help your hummers and the ones that you see in the winter.

Here in GA we sometimes get hummers from the west, so I leave one feeder out year round.

I had one hummer yesterday. She was gone today.


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gardengirl_nancy(Z5 Midwest)

As of today I am still seeing 2, in Northern IL, they are not my regulars. These are very dark and small. I never take down my feeders until it is very cold. One year I was out in the yard after a hard frost, still had a few fall flowers, must have been the end of Oct or first of Nov. To my surprise was a little hummer working what was left of the flowers. I quickly went in and fixed her some nectar and hung the feeder back up. She must have been a migrating hummer. Now my feeders stay up until there is no chance any are still around.

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Still feeding at least 1 female in Douglasville, GA

This is actually my neighbors feeder. I haven't convinced her to change to sugar water up to this point but, I'm working on it.

Notice how she leaned around the bottle to pose for the photo.

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I Still a young female that has been around the last 2 or 3 days guarding the fort, sometimes I catch her chasing another away, but most of the time she just sits in the tree preening herself. When the hummers feed now its just flowers. Ihavent seen one at a feeder in over a week.

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garliclover(z5b IN)


Mid October is pretty impressive for Indy! I saw my last one on 9/30. I'm just West of Indy. I think my record for the last hummer sighting at my house is 10/1.

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