Pink Diamond Hydrangea Tree

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I have a Pink Diamond Hydrangea tree that was planted in 2006. When I received it, it was about 3'-4' tall. It blooms every year but what I don't understand is why it doesn't get any taller. It is no more than 5' tall if that and I just don't understand it. It's get sun and it's fertilized.....any suggestions? When it was purchased, I was under the impression that it was supposed to get to a mature height of at least 15' high! This April it would have been planted for 8 years! I can say that I've never pruned it but I didn't know that I needed to. I'm also in CT but that shouldn't have anything to do with it because it blooms....very beautiful!

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P.S. I read an article that talked about 'winter' fertilizing trees but I didn't know that was a best practice. I always thought fertilizing was done in the spring and summer.

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I can't answer your question but I hope someone will. I'm in CT too and was hoping to buy a pink diamond or pinky winky tree myself but when I started researching them on the web, I came across a thread that stated basically that the size of the 'leg' of the free or trunk when you buy it is the size it will be. The poster had bought a 2ft tall tree and a commenter said that that would be really short tree. It confused me and now I'm thinking I'll scrap the idea of buying one.

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Mature sizes are estimates given by the wholesaler of the tree. The problem with all these estimates is that they never really say after how many years will the shrub achieve that mature height/width. For example, is the tree going to be 15' after 5 years? after 10 years? something else? Or is the mature size an estimate given based on trees seen/grown where the wholesaler is located? And of course, remember that the mature heught is not necessarily the size that the tree will attain either, as they continue growing past that time and therefore get bigger/taller/wider. Most of the time, the commercial term is for an age of 10 years but take that with a grain of salt.

I have seen larger estimates for Pink Diamond out there approaching 30' but I have no idea when do they expect the tree to achieve that heigth. So unless the shrub or nearby plants are having any issues, I would not worry about the height. Review soil pH levels with some regularity and provide appropriate amounts of water, sun, mulch; and fertilize (use compost, cottonseed meal, osmocote, etc) once a year in June in the northern half of the country. You could also request a soil test to make sure there are no mineral deficiencies.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hydrangea Tree Care

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I forgot to say that you should post some pictures of the tree as it gets bigger. PD is a great selection. There is nothing worse than having to choose between the likes of PD, Quickfire and Pinky Winky (although some have not been too happy with PW). The PD blooms are just gorgeous and I love seeing pictures posted showing the color progression from the bottom upwards as they go from cream/white to pinkish. Their depper richer green foliage color is very nice but, I hear from some people who have these panics that they tend to attract some "flying visitors". Have you noticed that too?

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Hello All!
Thank you for your follow-ups and I apologize for not having responded sooner. Luis...I will post some's very wet today so I'll try to get some pictures within the next week. I have two Quickfire Hydrangea trees that I'm about to plant but I have another dilemma.

I want to transplant the PD that I've been talking about so it can be in the 'middle' of the two Quickfires I'm about to plant. Unfortunately, I'm afraid to transplant the PD because I read somewhere that if it has leaves already, that's not a good will go into shock and not recover. Does anyone have any comments about that? I've been advised to leave it alone. :)


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Hello, I have a pink diamond tree also. I planted it either in 05 or 06 also. It is my only hydrangea tree and is about 6.5-7 feet tall. I am far from an expert but I will chip in my 2 cents. Either early spring or fall would be my best guess in when to transplant it. Hopefully someone else can tell you which of the two times would be the best. I try to never transplant shrubs/trees unless I absolutely have to. I bought mine from a local nursery and was in something like an 8 gallon pot or bigger. No real noticeable height has been gained either for me which is fine for me. Maybe has gained a foot or so at best across the years and mostly I would say from the head of it. I think once they train it to be a single lead and cut it to branch out. I dont think the trunk of the tree will get much taller in maturity. Only the head will continue to get taller/wider, but i think is limited by being a single lead in tree form. I think it would take a long time to train a single lead to be 10 feet or more tall and the growers want to cash out long before But again I am no expert in it and I am happy with the height of mine in my situation. I see many people around my area with limelight trees that flop and need staked and seem to not like being in tree form. The pink diamond has never needed staked and seems like a very sturdy grower in tree form. Havent got to see a quickfire in tree form, but have them in shrub form. How fast they grow and well branched, my guess would be they will be another winner in tree form.

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