Anyone grow Faith, Hope, and/or Charity?

evermore_gw z 4/5 NBMay 30, 2012

Anyone grow Faith, Hope, and/or Charity? I thought they would go well together. I have Hope (both senses) and Cherish, both minis. Charity seems to be a mini as shown in Hosta Library but the Mydata has no information. Faith is a large, corrugated yellow, highly praised in HL, but I have never seen it. Does anyone grow any of these?


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tepelus z6a SW MI

I have Faith in a pot right now, seems to be a good grower thus far. I've only had it since last summer. Starts out green in the spring, but it is getting more gold in color. I had to move it out of the sun, though, as it was getting a little burnt. I also have Hope, and it really hasn't done much at all. It kind of just sits there. Teeny tiny thing, I think it'll be better off in a pot. It's cute, but Cherish has done better for me, and Pandora's Box even better. I think Hope is one of those that needs a special spot to grow well.


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irawon(5a Ottawa)

I have Pandora's Box' and 'Hope'. Here's a pic of PB. I will try to post a pic 'Hope' which I have relocated. Although charity would seem to be a good companin for the other two, I believe it too big to fit the miniature hosta category as the other two do.

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Steve, I have had Faith since last year. I bought another one, since it is a nice golden hosta. Faith is a Large, and I think my first one needs a new is growing all over itself in that pot this year! The new one is more scantily leafed out, with quite large leaves.

Here's the new Faith with Tortilla Chip for size comparisons.

Here's the old Faith, showing how densely it is filling up its pot this year. This was taken in May, and now in July it has some fading of the gold but not really burned, and it is in a LOT of sun all day, from morning until late afternoon, in zone 9a....a really fine one for locating in the sun.

I thought I had H. Hope, but cannot find it this year. It is a mini, or a small, and they were pretty beat up by squirrels over the winter. So I might have lost it.

I'm currently looking around for information on Charity, also. Which is how I ran across this thread, indexed in my Google search. Will probably get the trio for my garden, and locate the two smalls together, near one big pot of Faith.

Show us what you have, Steve. Did you decide to get any or all of these?

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Picked up two Charity this spring as liners - still too small to see much or say much about them.


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

...and the greatest of these is charity.

I read that in a book somewhere. ;-)


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Like Paul, I got Charity as a liner this spring but expect it to be the size of Lakeside Looking Glass when it matures.

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