Anyone Hybridizing Cherries?

tnangelaJune 4, 2009

I've a small collection of cherries, trying to find an elusive memory of a cherry tree from childhood...which I haven't found yet BTW.

Anyway long story short, last year I informally attempted to hybridize Dwarf North Star cherry with the local wild black cherry and grew the seedlings out from both.

OK, all the wild black cherry seedlings look like wild black cherry seedlings, and there's a lot of them.

I only ended up with five or so seedlings from the Dwarf North Star cherry. Some appear to be genetically confused and are trying to flip-flop between different phenotypes. One appears to be more stable than the rest and doing well but it appears to be a cross between North Star and a sweet cherry. I don't recall the sweet cherries blooming concurrently with the North Star. So what are the odds of that?

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They say a pic is worth a thousand words...

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