East Texas migration in full force

bill75773September 7, 2012

The hummers are swarming my feeders all day on their way back south. I have had feeders out for about 15 years and this time of the year is always fun. I am now feeding about 5 cups of sugar water per day but most will be gone with the first norther. Here is a picture I took just after daylight this morn.

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Wow! So many hummers! Just put an impatients capensis on my porch and the hummers from the garden come onto the porch for the geramium and the impatients capensis!

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I've seen a couple of female ruby throated hummers in my yard for the last couple of weeks, here in Houston. You really have a huge flock of them there!

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

I live down here in Rockport Texas and I have been out of state. Just got home yeterday and put up 9 feeders. Have gone through 24 cups of solution since last night. And don't forget about the Rockport Hummer/Bird Celebration September 13 thru September 16. More hummers than you can imagine!

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OMG I can't believe all those birds! I'm in San Diego and have never seen more than 3 in my yard at a time and now that I hung a feeder one has become very territorial. Pops out of nowhere to chase the others away from the feeder AND every plant in the yard! Same experience when I lived in Orange Co.
So why do some birds share and others not? Is it species, location, gender or ??? I don't know enough about them to tell male from female.
Quite amusing to watch. It could become addictive!

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debrgarden(9 North Bay)

I have found that the Rufous are VERY territorial and chase everyone away! They are never here to stay but always passing through. Their beauty makes up for their attitude! I have also found that the Costa's are pretty mild mannered. It is addicting!! I love 'em!

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