Can someone help me ID this hoya?

willow1987(8)December 22, 2011

I found a hoya today at Lowes. Its an Exotic Angel variety which I've read is notorious for mislabels. It was labeled Lacunosa. I think that it may be mislabeled. I'm starting a small collection of hoyas. I have the mislabeled one and Tricolor. The plant has small rounded leaves, even the larger leaves are rounded but more oval. Thanks

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Willow & Welcome,

I'm not certain which it is, but it's definitely not H. Lacunosa. If you search that you'll see the leaves are shaped differently.

I believe this is what I've seen labeled by EA as Bilobata/ Sulawesi, something like that. Don't know what it REALLY is, one of those, but also reminds me of Incurvula. Looks healthy, so enjoy.

You're bound to get LOTS of opinions on what this is I'm guessing.

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Thank you so much Pirate Girl. I really like hoyas and I've always overlooked them in the past. I'm going to slowly increase my mini collection. From looking online, it does look a lot like the Incurvula. I was also wondering if I should re-pot them in the spring, or should I keep them in the same pot for a while? Thank you again


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Hi Cameron,

Actually, I think that's a Dischidia, not a Hoya. Dischidia geri, or more precisely D. oiantha Schltr. There are quite a few different clones of oiantha and many have a deeper "cleft" at the tip. (I can never remember the technical term for this...) It's probably the easiest of all the Dischidias to grow, and blooms fairly easy. Congrats!

Denise in Omaha

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Wow thank you Denise. I've never heard of a Dischidia before. I've learned something new. I hate when companies mislabel plants. Thank you for IDing it

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Hello all,

I'm new on this forum.But I have recently realized i have a new hoya addiction!!!!

I bought a Hoya from Lowes labeled lacunosa and it's a tsangii or bilobata (which i already have)realized it when i got it home & was rinsing it off,it was from EA nursery.They have a serious problem with mislabeling their plants!!

I will post a picture of it,the one thing i would say to look for with this plant is the leaves feel kind of like felt they're soft.They have thin leaves not the thick leaves most have.Mine has a lot of leaves that grow in sets of 4 instead of 2.

I can't seem to figure out how to post a picture,I will try to figure it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: gardenweb

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could somebody please help me out by telling me how to post pictures with my posts?!!? I am now not sure if I have 2 of the same plant,or even that i have there id correct.I have some pictures of them and I would love to see what you all think!!! If i can figure out how to post a picture.

Thank you & hope your having a good new year!!!!

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The easiest way to post photos here is to upload your photos to a photo hosting site such as Flickr or Photobucket. Once you have the photo uploaded you can copy and paste the HTML code into your post and the photo will show up.
Flickr is my favorite photo hosting site because there is an entire community there. Just type in a topic you are interested in such as Hoya and thousands of photos will be available to view. There are also Flickr groups including one on Hoyas and many other topics.


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