Alternative Hybridizing Techniques

Acheron(z4 MN)July 11, 2003

Question for the experts out there (I'm new to this topic, but am interested in hybrids, so forgive this 'newbie' question) :

I was wondering if there are techniques other than grafting and pollination which yield cross family hybrids (as an example, let's say tomato plants with raspberry plants, as an example). Other than lab techniques, are there any low tech (eg cell extraction with a syringe and insertion into ripened seeds, for example) that have yielded any success? I appreciate any answers you could provide. Thanks!

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

Although many cross-genera hybrids have been made using standard pollination techniques, they generally require at least a near relationship of the plant families. Three common ones of this type are Fatshedera (cross of fatsia and ivy (hedera)), chitalpa (cross of catalpa and desert willow), and pardancanda (cross of pardanthopsis and belamcanda). Wider crosses have been made by gene splicing(high-tech) and tissue culture( also high-tech) this later technique produces most often chimerial plants. Grafting occasionally also produces a chimerial cross at the graft union as the callus tissues sometimes mix, but these are rarely stable. Most grafted plants are still two seperate plants coexisting.


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