Leucistic Hummer 9-2010

ltcollins1949(9a TX)September 30, 2010

I posted some pictures of a Leucistic Hummer on my Photobucket. I don't have a good camera, so I couldn't get a close up. And everytime I tried to be "right there" to get the perfect picture, she wouldn't come to the feeder.

Check out to see some pictures.

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Cool...I had to look at it twice. I could only see the one flying at first :) That would have been an intersting sight to see.

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

You are welcome! I was so excited when Barbra, my neighbor, came by and "mentioned" that she had a white hummer! I just about died! I said are you sure, and she said yes. I immediately got in my car and drove down to her house, about a mile from me. OMG, when I saw it, I got so excited. I've been a hummingbird birder since 1988 and this was the first leucistic for me! Thanks Barbra!

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