Multi Colored Hydrangea

leannejhFebruary 7, 2009

Hi, I had a hydrangea, probably a macrophylla/mop head, that I loved and I would like to find another one with similar characteristics. The blooms were huge and ever changing in colors. Each head would usually start out lime green, then pink would start to flush in, then it would go into antique mode and turn lime green and maroon. Gorgeous, and excellent for cutting. Anyone know of one that has this color changing ability? Thanks

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ostrich(3a AB)

Could this be one in the Kaleidoscope series? Let's see what the experts here think...

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The reality is that most macrophyllas will go through a series of colorations, with the whites producing the least amount of variability. Buds will typically be formed showing one color that will mature into something different. Then as the flowers age, the color will intensify then begin to fade to a more neutral tone. How much of this color change they produce depends a lot on weather and growing conditions as well as the fact that some cultivars tend to produce a wider range of color changes than others. Serratas will do this as well - 'Beni Gaku' is well known for this color change.

It is quite possible that it is one of the Hovaria series (aka Kaleidoscope), but it could be a number of other cultivars as well. IME, hydrangeas act very differently in different gardens in different locations :-)

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