My new plant

mbrowne(9b Central CA)September 8, 2013

Just got this last night and still deciding where to plant it. I've been trying to find one for a while and almost gave up. Trumpet Creeper! The hummers were already checking it out this AM but were too fast for me to get a shot.

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Beautiful mbrowne!!!

They do love conical & bell-shaped nectar flowers. I see several, visit frequently, my Aug-blooming Hostas, Platicodons & Chelones, oh even the Clems now on their 2nd shows of the season!!!

Have fun w/ your new beauty!!!

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

You lucky thing! I wish I had room for one of them.

Saw a picture recently (here?) of one with a hummingbird half into the flower and coming out covered with pollen.

You and your hummers will enjoy it for years.

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Plant it somewhere where you do not care if it spreads. Trumpet vine, Campsis radicans, sends up suckers from the root system at a significant distance (20'?) from the mother plant......much like wisteria will do. If you can mow over them, that will help a lot but watch out for planting beds.

Took me 5 years to eradicate an established vine in my kept sending up shoots in between the concrete pavers. What a PITA!!

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mbrowne(9b Central CA)

Heh. I know what you mean gardengal. For me that's a feature -- I want to sic it on one of my neighbors :)

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Those trumpet flowers literally drip with nectar. If I had space I might grow one but they are on the invasive side so I hear.

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