Hummer Banding

scouterbecky(6 Southern IL)September 14, 2007

Hi, I've been reading everyone all summer and feel like an eavesdropper, but have really enjoyed all the conversation. Lots of learning. Because of this I've changed my feeders to the Humzingers. I don't know if I picked up more birds, but I see more at the same time! There seems to be a ton of them right now and they are really busy. Anyway, last week I went to a hummingbird festival and the Audubon Society was banding birds. It was a great thing to watch and participate in. There was a cage around the feeder where the bird was caught. It was then banded, measured and if you'd made a donation you had that bird "assigned," (for lack of a better word) to you and then you released it. I heard one man had a letter that his bird had been to Costa Rica! Don't they get around!

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scouterbecky, I think it would be great to find out where your hummingbirds go and then book a vacation to the same area. We love the Caribbean so we could conquer two (birds) with one flight, hahaha. I even looked up the Spanish word for hummers (culibri). I think that's right. My kids know I'm crazy now.

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scouterbecky: I dont know how that whole banding thing works.
they just seem so delicate to catch band measure etc.. then to think somone has to catch them to read the band? Amazing.

dominidan: My family knows im crazy too lol My daughter said..
mom is this your new obbsession? lol I said yep but.. its your dads too.. so its ok :)

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scouterbecky(6 Southern IL)

alii: Yes, their legs are so small and the bands are so tiny--even with the tool I don't know how the guy picked them up so well, much less read the number. He did have a magnifying glass... He said the yearlings have ridges in their beaks because they are still growing. I found that interesting. My husband took some ribbing for going to a hummingbird festival, but he didn't care. He enjoys them as much as I do.

dominidan: If a person spent the winter in the Caribbean to get away from the So. IL cold weather would she be called a hummingbird instead of a snowbird???

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That's funny alii. Nice to know I have someone on my side. I haven't seen the only hummer (female) that I have for two or three days. I wonder if she left early. Do you warm up your nector when it's refrigerated when the weather changes? I'm new at this.

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scouterbecky, hahaha, I gave up carrying skis for bending the elbow at the all inclusives. Much better. We don't really drink that much, but a nice drink by the bar or Caribbean is as good as a cold ski slope any day. Now we can watch the hummers too.

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dominidan: yes I do warm up the nectar brfore pouring it but
I wasnt going to say it :) So glad you asked. I have been window watching, our last 2 birdies are still here.. at least
its supposed to be warmer tonight then last night. In the 50s and 60s each night this week, and 70 and 80s this week so maby
these guys know it and will hang out here a while yet. So.. Ill keep the nectar out there as long as they stay and entertain us :)

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alii, thanks for the info. I think I'll do the same and warm mine up. Can't wait to see the looks I get from the wife when I do this.

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The Ruby throated 'colibris' come to Costa Rica and there is a large group ...of people that is...that descend in Santa Cruz to band and check out who's been here, right at the beginning of the year.
There is an Aloe Vera plantation that these hummers love, and at this time, there are lots of blooms.
I get 5 different species in my garden, and very please when these little beauties return. Luckily four species, Rufous tailed, Cinnamon, Plain capped startroat and the Green mango beasted hummers are here, year round.
I personally don't use feeders.

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