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kevins_choice(qld australia)July 1, 2003

hi all,

does anyone know of a website or book dedicated to rose sports or could anyone post a list please as i think i would like have a lot of roses that are prone to sporting.

thanks in advance kevin

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marbree(z5 MI)

Hi Kevin,

Here are a few of the sports listed in Vintage Gardens Catalog.

Chigaco Peace
Flaming Peace
Lucky Piece

Climbing Radiance
Red Radiance
Mrs Charles Bell (which sported Carless Love)

Climbing Talisman
Yellow Talisman (possibly also known as Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt)
Red Talisman (also known as Mary Hart)
Climbing Red Talisman

Bob's Koster
"Cerise Margo"
Dick Koster (which sported Mother's Day and Snow White)
Greet Koster
Pink Koster
"Pink Margo #1"
"Pink Margo #2"
Summer Dawn

I remember your post from the rose forum, I hope this is still helpful


Here is a link that might be useful: Vintage Gardens

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marbree(z5 MI)

Oops - another round of bad proof reading - Carless love is really called Careless Love.

The ones in quotes ("") are study names.


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kevins_choice(qld australia)

thanks marbree that will be helpfull.

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keking(z6 TN)

Actually, Margo Koster was a sport of Dick Koster. I've seen revert.

Queen Elizabeth has a number of sports:

Yellow Queen Elizabeth
Sebastian Schultheis (almost red)
Delta Queen (more petals, tendency to spot)
Weisse Queen Elizabeth (white)

Lafayette (Joseph Guy) also did several:
Pink Lafayette
Frau Astrid Spath (pink)
Dagmar Spath (white)
Zuknuft (deep red)
Fuchsine Guy (purple -- I haven't seen this one)


Here is a link that might be useful: Rose List

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