The perch on my Hummzinger broke...

aliiSeptember 27, 2007

While washing the Hummzinger feeder I hear a little *tic* sound. Sure enough part of the perch snapped. Common sence

says use super glue to fix it. But I have used super glue on

plastics before and it didnt repair the break! Any idea what glue to use?? I Used super glue before it says will repair

plastic etc etc. But it didnt work. Any ideas on what to use??

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alii-- I know the feeling. I had an old perky pet 209 in which the circular perch has gotten brittle and I too have tried super glue but it didnt stay. Most of the perch is still there and even when its broke they can still sit. Some of the feeders just arent made very well. So I guess I dont have an answer for you but I will get another next year just like it for I happen to like the glass feeders as do the hummers. You just have to be very carefull when washing it.

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alii, I don't know about feeders but I know that a good two part epoxy works wonders on other plastcs. Give that a try. This is not good,hearing this news. I'm not crazy about the feeders I have and I was looking forward to buying a hummzinger. Now what do I do?

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Maybe it has a lifetime guarantee? I believe I have the box that I purchased my fancy Hummzinger at home; I'll try to remember to check later...

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Unfortunately they'd probably consider the breakage "weathered" and wouldn't honor the guarantee. It doesn't hurt to try though ;)

The Aspects Lifetime Guarantee covers the function of the product against defects and damage. Do no dispose of your product, your warranty is not valid without it. If at any time the guaranteed Aspects product breaks or it will no longer function, Aspects will put it back in working order. Aspects will either repair or replace parts or the entire unit (at Aspects' option) at no charge.

All Aspects' products are intended for outdoor use and may become dirty and weathered over time. This guarantee does not cover replacing parts or product because they are dirty or weathered, nor does it apply if the product fails due to neglect or misuse.

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Dominidan, mine have made if 2 years, and still no fading or breakage. And I still love them!!! Sorry that it happened alli. How old was it? Christy :)

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christy2828, that's reassuring. I noticed at the local floral shop, they have other brands that resemble the hummzinger. Is there a big difference. They didn't have the hummzinger there. Do they need the wasp guard on them and can I purchase this type at a good store or do I need to order it over the internet?

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I have all brands.. Perky Pet, Yankee Droll, Humzinger and a
couple of no names. The one broken is Humzinger. I just got
a window feeder today, a Yankee Droll. Gettting set for next yr, I already cant wait! I got ALL my feeders on Ebay.. seems
the best place and the best deals even with shipping,especially the Hummzingers.

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I'm sure that the basic concept of the feeder can be replicated, and could be just as good. I have tried other types of feeders, but I really love my hummzinger. It is quick to clean, refill, and rehang. I also have the aspects window feeder, and it is just as easy to refill and clean. I don't know if they have a wasp guard offered, there is a built in ant moat (which the chickadee's drink out of :). I also found my best deal on Ebay. Hope this helps!!! Christy

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Thanks Christy and alii. I'm definitely going to get some of these feeders. I never thought of getting a window feeder. Right now, I'm not even getting any migrating hummers through the yard. I think I messed up and left the necter in too long and that's why I lost my female. Thanks again. I love this forum.

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I got my hummzinger on ebay because of the shipping. The companies online were all charging a ridiculous amount for shipping by UPS. Ebay sellers will ship through the mail for much, much less!

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