Hummers Gone Already?

Eric580September 21, 2013

I live in western PA and my hummers have left for the season about three weeks ago. Some cold weather did blow through that week. Has anyone else in my area seen them leave early? Thanks

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I haven't seen them for weeks, but Just spot one today. I live in Philly suburb.

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Im not in your area , Im in central indy and my last hummer was sighted on Oct . 8th. To your point that is an early departure for my area. At least the last couple of years its been around Oct 20. Every year is different , as an example- normal peak migration for me has always been most of august but this year peak time was mid-july, go figure.

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I saw my last hummer Oct. 13th, female RT, very pudgy. I took down all my feeders, except one. I keep it fresh. Last year, I kept one feeder up year 'round, and had one or two hummers that hung around. I hope to see more this year. (I hope my pic is attached)

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Nana. don't you just love to see them looking pudgy-- every little bit is a survival advantage, poor little guys.

Thanks for the pic, mine have been gone for at least a week.

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As I mentioned above my last sighting was oct 8th and I was lucky to get a shot of that hummer perched on a stem of my large salvia blue ensign.

speaking of blue ensign heres a shot of two of them trying to buck each other both 6' tall and wide- notice how they dwarf the black and blue below them.

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Hi Hummersteve, Our hummers look like cousins! I hope you had a good hummer year. This was my worse. I had 6 feeders out, always clean and fresh, and only one week did I have 4 hummers feeding. Other weeks, I had only one or two. I have B&B planted nearby, and cuphea still blooming. Oh, well, maybe next year.

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Hi Nanaboo

My season was most likely average as I have had better seasons. One strange observation was that my prime hummer period was mid-july as opposed to the normal mid-august for my area.

Here a couple of shots from that july period.

this one was my favorite shot of the season- all males

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Fabulous! I am envious, I would love to have that many hummers around one of my feeders. Your pics are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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