Trading Pollen...How is it done?

KayLakeMan(z5 ONT)July 13, 2005

I posted, in an exchange forum, a request for advice or real life experiences with the best way to trade (by mail) pollen from Daylilies, lilies and roses.

Then I thought that this forum may be a better place to get that feedback.

Any thoughts or advice on mailing pollen? (other than be sure to mark it so someone doesn't think it's a biohazard)


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keking(z6 TN)

I have had good luck with Amaryllis pollen wrapped in paper. This works well enough for quick delivery. A few days in the mail doesn't seem to harm the pollen, and the paper keeps it dry.

And one time I received poppy pollen in a plastic film canister. I used some of the pollen last year and the rest is in the freezer for the next time I need it.


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KayLakeMan(z5 ONT)

Thanks Karl.

I'm thinking that anyway that the pollen doesn't get flying all over the place and getting mixed up if there is more than one kind is a good thing

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Using a dark colored tissue paper and putting it in an envelope works pretty well.

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KayLakeMan(z5 ONT)

Thanks Kristinas
Had a successful mail trade last year which expanded my hybridizing possibilities.
The dark tissue is interesting as it would serve as a good backdrop for the pollen colour.

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