anyone know a dog breeding forum like this one

farmfreedomJuly 16, 2008

I have not found any on the web . There are new breeds of dogs being developed continuously like it or not. It would be nice if we could plan a breeding program on paper from past experience of others as we do here , because with dogs "I" can not eat my mistakes and culls.

Does anyone know of such a forum ?

please let me know

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try these


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You can, and should be, planning breedings... if you're a breeder. The technology to look into the future of a breeding, and keep data on a breeding program, has been available since the advent of the computer! There are several programs on the market, but CompUped is, by far, the best and most accurate one available. It's not cheap, but as you say... you can't eat your culls. The program pays for itself in no time!

Any breeder that isn't crunching data before locking two dogs together cannot be called a breeder! It's important to know things beforehand, like the inbreeding coefficient, for example. Breed a pretty dog to a pretty dog, and all you get are puppies. You're not doing anything to further, or maintain, the breed of your choice.

Genetics are not a secret... the codes have been unlocked and understood since the late 1950's, so there's no excuse for not combining history, science and math... and producing top quality canines!

Knowledge is the key to success!

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