F2 Echinacea

Chlorofeeler(7a Vancouver)July 23, 2003

How do you get an F2 generation from Echinacea plants given there self-incompatibility?

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agrinerd(6b NC)

Once again, I'm no expert, but I'm guessing that there may be enough variation among F1 seedlings to do some sibling crosses. Otherwise you may have to do a backcross, then sibs. Anyone out there with experience in Echinacea?

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david_zlesak(z4 MN)

I haven't worked with Echinacea, but have worked with other composites (mums....). Sometimes you can get what's called pseudo self-compatibility. You can sometimes get a self. As one finds individuals that self to some degree, you can eventually get selfed offspring that are more prone to setting selfed seeds (if inbreeding depression doesn't do them in). In mums we have been able to inbreeding and selection which has really helped to weed out deleterious recessives. The inbreds are outcrossed and the average performance of the offspring is improved relative to just crossing highly heterozygous individuals. Like Agrinerd mentioned you can do sib matings and hopefully through this less drastic form of inbreeding begin to fix traits of interest. What is your goal?


P.S. Check out the Echinacea breeding happening at the Chicago Botanical Gardens on line. Amazing!!!

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