pitcher plants and venus fly traps

icedearth4562July 30, 2004

i want some of those and my teacher said they are very hard to care for i have a guess of how to but its gonna stink if it dies. i just want to no how to care for then like do they need to be inside a lil green house typ thing to keep it very wet and warm with some bugs i donno someone tell me ty ^_^

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mistercross(z6b Ozarks)

GardenWeb has a forum just for carnivorous plants like the Venus Fly Trap (VFT), pitcher plants, and others. There's lots of information already there, and you can ask the real experts.

Years ago I grew some VFT and they always died, or so I thought. But reading the Carnivorous Plant Forum I just learned the other day that they have a long dormancy period when they turn brown and look dead. Maybe mine were still alive?

Here is a link that might be useful: Carnivorous Plant Forum

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wow thats intresting i never new that my bio teachers VFT must have been alive all along. oh well lol

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