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srfultonSeptember 4, 2012

I started feeding Hummers last year and wanted to find out everything I could about these guys. Had about 12 at one time in my yard last Sept. after puting up feders and hanging up red cups to mark my yard for them to come and enjoy. Started my garden litle by litle late in the year and continued this year and have notivced that a few much stay here during the spring because I have seen about 4 visit my garden every since June and now have about 7 or 8 running around my garden and the feeders. Cant wait till the ones in the north start coming back from Canada and New York. These guys love the cigar plant the most but they will test out any flower.

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Yes they do like and use the cigar plant here too but and will use every bloom in the garden during migration. But top dog in my garden year in and year out is salvia guaranitica either "blue ensign" or "black and blue". Blue ensign is larger than black and blue.

salvia black and blue

in the foreground is black and blue and blue ensign in the rear, blue ensign is 5' plus

black and blue blooms

blue ensign with the green calyx

two blue ensign in the rear side by side.

blue ensign does not get this big in one year this about 5 seasons of growth the payoff is the hummers love it.

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