Hydrangeas in full shade in Los Angeles

BeginnerInLosAngelesMarch 1, 2011

Hello, I'm new:) I was wondering if anyone knew if Hydrangeas would bloom in nearly full shade here in Los Angeles? I heard a certain variety -Oakleaf Hydrangea - would do well bloom in full shade. And if so, I was thinking of building a graden bed (due to the poor soil conditions, and I know they like acidic soil). How many inches of a good acidic soil should I lay for the Hydrangeas to thrive? I'm also planning on planting Camellias there as well.)

Many thanks for anyones help - especially if they live in this climate!!

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Most of the raised beds that I have seen are between 1'-2' tall so maybe 1.5'? The impact of full shade is difficult to forecast. Lack of sun results is either no blooms or few blooms. But a neighbor of my sister has a macrophylla in dense shade that manages to get dappled sun for about 2 hours during the growing season; it does fine. In places where there is shade all the time, reflected light would help. I have some part-shade shrubs in full shade on the North side of the house but they get reflected light from the cement off my nearby driveway. House walls can also reflect light in a similar way.

Make sure that water can effectively drain out because Oakleaf Hydrangeas do not like wet feet.

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Oakleaf hydrangea would not be my first choice for full shade - this is one of the most sun tolerant species of hydrangeas, also one of the most drought tolerant and least fussy about soil pH. You may get blooms but I doubt they would be as plentiful as if in more sun. You will also forego a lot of the fall color this particular hydrangea is known for.

I'd stick with the macs. These tend to thrive in shade although as Luis points out, too much shade can impede blooming. My sister lives just south of you in Laguna and has a whole collection of macs in a heavily shaded garden - because of trees and the proximity of her house, these plants receive NO direct sun but bloom virtually year round.

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Thanks for your suggestions. The area isn't large, but sandwiched between two rather tall walls. There's about 45 minutes of direct sunlight. It's not overly dark, so it must get indirect light for most of the day. Just not bright or dappled sun. Thanks again...

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"I was wondering if anyone knew if Hydrangeas would bloom in nearly full shade here in Los Angeles?"

Never tried before in L.A......

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