Hoya Kerrii Turning Yellow

hsalootDecember 11, 2011

Hi everyone

I am a newbie to gardening and have bought one of these single-leaf Hoya Kerrii plants (heart-shaped) about 8 month ago. It was doing fine until recently when it has started to turn yellow. A small brown spot has also appeared on the plant.

I have tried to water the plant only when the soil looked dry but there has been something like white mold on the soil recently. Could you please help me by giving some advice on how to save my plant?

Is it too late?

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind helps.

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Hi hsaloot.

There are a number of issues to respond to here.

First, if you are talking about having a plant that is a single kerrii leaf stuck into the soil with no vine visible, then it is most likely that your plant will never develop further. This is a novelty item that unfortunately disappoints many gift recipients. [See here, for example.]

Second, it's hard for us to diagnose from a description unaccompanied by a picture, as there are lots of different kinds of brown spots on plants. However, if it looks kind of soft and brown and the yellow is spreading out from it, it's probably some kind of fungal infection, and you can try making a simple paste of cinnamon with a little water and plastering it over the spot on both sides.

Third, if there is mold on the soil, it is definitely staying wet too long. It may be that the soil underneath was still pretty moist even though the top looked dry. That's why it's a good idea to stick your finger in the soil and make sure at least the top couple inches are dry. Hoyas with fat succulent leaves like kerrii appreciate it when their soil has a chance to dry out a bit between waterings. No judgement here. I got some moldy fungusy stuff in my chives soil the other day. Annnnnd I just let it dry out really well and the chives are fine and the soil is fine. Some people use hydrogen peroxide solutions or cinnamon to get rid of it, though. [Some words on that here]

Good luck!

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It is possible to grow a Hoya from a single leaf, just not easy. I'm afraid it may be too late for this one, but
I don't think it's your fault. These are sold as a valentine's gimmick... Has it began to put out a new vine?

Maybe I could sent you a proper cutting in the spring?

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Laura is totally correct, although 'easy' might be a slightly misleading word to use. Basically many Hoya leaves go ahead and establish a root system when you stick them in the soil but only a small proportion of them go on to throw a new vine, no matter how loving your care is.

I think she is also right to say "it may be too late," as the glory days for this plant are very likely over. You don't have to give up if you don't want to, but even if you are able to stamp out the infection, the leaf will always be blemished and you are unlikely to see new growth replace it.

I'm glad you're being offered a true cutting. :) I think everyone who gets one of these kerrii leaves should be eligible to send off for a replacement vine. -_-

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True, true, GG.
I think these single leaves are a heartbreak waiting to happen...
I've read a piece of main vine needs to be attached to the leaf, in order to come to anything...

Indeed the "not easy" statement was misleading, as leaves root easily enough... LUCK should have been the word choice! X-D

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Hoya kerrii naturally grows in a seasonally dry habitat so be sure to let your plant dry out between watering, especially in winter. Very bright light is best and a combination of low light and too much water is often what causes problems with this Hoya.

Just some tips if your plant pulls through or for when you get another.


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